Where to Learn About Direct Instruction

I’m frequently asked for places to go to learn about Direct Instruction.

So, here’s a summary.

I’d probably suggest starting with ‘Psychology Learning Resources,’ for an intro / overview.

Then, The Components of Direct Instruction might be the best summary of the main principles.



Note:  The magnus opus can be obtained as a free PDF, here (thanks to David for pointing this out in the comments!)





Finally, three fantastic infographics produced by Ben Gordon and Oliver Caviglioli.  I think these are excellent for structure and summary, but I can see how someone brand new to the topics might struggle to get any deep meaning / direction from them.  But, they’re a brilliant primer to kick off, get stuck into some deep reading, then come back to them – they’ll really help structure your thoughts!


That oughta do it!


About Kris Boulton

Teach First 2011 maths teacher, focussed on curriculum design.
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  3. David says:

    The latest, reformatted, version of the magnum opus is available for free download:


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