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GUILTY! (of making logical arguments)

This is the first post I’ve felt the need to reblog. I planned to write something on the subject myself, but I can’t make the case any better than Harry has. Really, we should pause to ask when logical, well-reasoned … Continue reading

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How does Shanghai do it?

“OECD education report: Shanghai’s formula is world-beating“ Reads one headline in the Telegraph.  Obsession over Shanghai’s ‘formula’ was sparked by their, literally, outstanding PISA test results; coming top in maths, reading and science. Roughly normalised, the numbers look something like this: 1st … Continue reading


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How tests teach and motivate

Lindsay comes to maths.  She sits in the front corner of the room.  The teacher speaks.  She stares out the window.  The teacher passes her a sheet of work to complete.  She doodles mindlessly on its top-right corner.  The bell … Continue reading

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What is learning? – Part 2

Clearly, I was being ‘ambitious’ when I said ‘tomorrow’!   But doesn’t this lead to a risk of rote learning? Only insomuch as there’s ever a risk that any given teacher will promote knowledge acquisition that is rote in nature. In … Continue reading

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