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195 Countries – And the Seven Myths

One interesting, and almost genuinely surprising component of this exercise for me was seeing how often members of Daisy Christodoulou’s ‘Seven Myths’ made an appearance. Daisy’s seven myths about education are: Facts prevent understanding Teacher-led instruction is passive The 21st … Continue reading


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If we cannot see learning in a lesson, what are Exit Tickets for?

Earlier today Peter Blenkinsop left a comment on this post by Joe Kirby, making a very good point. He’s referring to the work that David Didau’s been doing over the past year to try to explain how ‘learning’ isn’t a thing … Continue reading

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195 Countries – Framing the Question

The importance of framing is well understood. I asked the question: “Should everyone learn the names of all 195 countries in the world, their location and their capitals, by the end of Year 11?” I didn’t put all that much … Continue reading

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The response – Should everyone learn all 195 countries, their locations and capitals?

140 people responded to this question; thank you to all those who did.  First, a few quick summaries.  Then, I’ll aim to delve deeper into my own thoughts through one post per day over the half term, returning to one … Continue reading

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Should you start using multiple choice tests?

Pros 1. They can be exceptionally rigorous As Daisy Christodoulou sets out first here, here and then here, counter to our lay-person intuition multiple-choice questions can actually be very difficult to answer well, thus requiring truly concrete and in-depth knowledge. … Continue reading

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