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Are you using the right coloured pen?

Red or green pen? Having had the honour of working at literally the best school in the country has led me to do a lot of thinking of late.  I think about all the things that people worried themselves about in … Continue reading

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Reading Reconsidered: Two Quick Thoughts

Last week I had the privilege of attending a two day training programme delivered by Erica Woolway, Maggie Johnson, and Doug Lemov. The training was based on their new book, Reading Reconsidered. It’s about teaching reading, of which I have … Continue reading

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Education is the lighting of a fire.

Yesterday I re-read this excellent post by Joe Kirby, which featured this quote-by-not-Yeats: “I wholeheartedly disagree that possessing knowledge improves your ability to think. I’m afraid your criticisms would give way to a ‘filling of a pail’ approach rather than a‘lighting … Continue reading


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