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Must all maths teachers do this?

I had the privilege of being in Tom Kendall’s classroom recently, and saw something wonderful. A child in Year 7 said something that showed he’d understood something essential to arithmetic development, or advanced conceptualisation of arithmetic, or an important threshold … Continue reading


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Money Value of Time – 3 – Mental Models for Education

In a former life I spent some time working as an Associate for a boutique consultancy that specialised in social enterprise and the third sector. The MD asked me to codify the company’s burgeoning internal knowledge by producing a document … Continue reading

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Opportunity Cost – 2 – Mental Models for Education

Time I feel like joining London Business School to study for an MBA.  Let’s see what that’ll cost me.  £70,000… ouch!  But okay.  Actually hang on… I know I’m going to have to relocate to London to do this, so … Continue reading

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Effort:Impact Ratio – 1 – Mental Models for Education

6 years ago Joe Kirby decided to leave a lucrative career working for a social venture capital fund, take a massive pay cut, and join Teach First. As we talked about how we were going spend the year nervously preparing … Continue reading

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Overview – 0 – Mental Models for Education

Decision making is tough.  We are riddled with cognitive biases, from action bias to the halo effect and sunken cost fallacy.  They seem contrived only to make us terrible decision makers. Teachers, HoDs, Heads, all need to make decisions. Shall I tick … Continue reading

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