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Could your pupils do better if you stopped marking their books?

Last week, the Sunday Times published this piece. As it’s behind a pay-wall, and many people couldn’t read it, I’ve reproduced it here, with their permission. Despite the title, this piece is really less about marking, and more about the … Continue reading


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Are the other school subjects disciplines?

The final piece in this series looking at disciplines, and their associated disciplinary and substantive knowledge. What about drama? Music?  Art?  Dance?   P.E.? Could dance ever be a discipline? Drama, music and art have cropped up frequently in public debate … Continue reading

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French: What is its knowledge?

Here’s where I put French: This would apply of course to all the MFL languages. Substantive Knowledge The language!  Grammar, spelling, vocabulary etc. etc. Disciplinary Knowledge …none? Disciplines and Non-Disciplines MFL was a very interesting subject to think about in … Continue reading

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