Are you teaching any of these in 2015? <- Update 1

There’s been a great response so far, with over 120 maths teachers signed up in the first week. In some cases entire departments have opted to get involved together, which was unanticipated, and has some exciting potential for the kinds of discussions / feedback they may be able to give! Have you suggested that any other members of your department get involved yet? It might be too late now that we’re into the holidays, but who knows, maybe a few are still checking their emails…

It’s been great as well to see how many experienced teachers are getting involved, with the majority so far having above 5 years experience, and many of those above 10 years!
On to some logistics: I currently plan to leave the sign-up open until the end of the year (it will be closed on 01/01/2015). I will then aim to send out resources to everyone on Saturday 3rd January, along with some background as to the thinking that led up to their design, how I think they might be adapted to other schools and what my own initial reflections have been after having used them. Hopefully this will give people enough time to read through both the resources themselves and the supporting information before the new term starts.

Thanks again to everyone who’s signed up to take part in this so far; it’s been great to hear from you.

About Kris Boulton

Teach First 2011 maths teacher, focussed on curriculum design.
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